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BS5837 Tree Survey Wigan

Cheshire Woodlands are a long established team of expert arboriculturists and tree consultants operating across the North West of England. We can provide BS5837 tree surveys in Wigan and the surrounding areas to support your development proposal and planning application. Where trees are affected by a development proposal, a tree survey and a tree constraints plan are usually required to be submitted with your planning application. Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council will expect a tree survey and a tree constraints plan to have been produced by a reputable firm of tree consultants and arboriculturists, such as Cheshire Woodlands.

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If you need a tree survey and tree report in Wigan or elsewhere in Lancashire, we can help. To find out more about the BS5837 tree surveys and tree reports that we can provide to support your planning application, visit our BS5837 Tree Surveys page. Call us to talk through your trees in relation to design, demolition and construction and how our BS5837 tree surveys can help your planning application in Wigan.

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About Wigan

Located 10 miles north of Warrington, Wigan had a total population of 81,203 according to the 2001 census.
Historically in the county of Lancashire, Wigan during classical antiquity was in the territory of the Brigantes, an ancient Celtic tribe that ruled much of northern England.

Wigan experienced dramatic economic expansion and a population boom during the industrial revolution. Wigna became known as a mill town and a coal mining district, even though porcelain manufacture and clock making had been major industries in the town.
Since 1992, Wigan has been home to the annual World Pie Eating Championship. Wiganers are sometimes referred to as 'pie-eaters'. The name is said to date from the 1926 General Strike, when Wigan miners were starved back to work before their counterparts in surrounding towns, and so were forced to metaphorically eat "humble pie"

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