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Come to Cheshire Woodlands for your management plan and make the difference with timely, low-cost management interventions in Congleton to assure the long-term value and continuity of your tree or woodland asset.

photograph - forest plantationWhether you require a management plan, timber valuation, ecological management, disabled access or cycle tracks, Cheshire Woodlands can provide the expertise.

In recent years, a combination of factors has produced a shift in emphasis in woodland management from timber production to a multi-benefit approach with an increased awareness of wildlife conservation, public access and leisure provision.

Take a look at our 'Tree Risk Management' section to see how Quantified Tree Risk Assessment can help you to manage public access and nature conservation while at the same time discharging your duty of care for safety in your woodlands.

About Congleton

Congleton is a parish in Cheshire East and lies just over 20 miles south of Manchester. It has a population of 25,750. South of this small town is a green expanse called Priestly Fields that forms a green corridor into the town centre.

History of Congleton

The first settlements in the Congleton area were Neolithic. Stone and Bronze Age artefacts have been found. Congleton was once thought to have been a Roman settlement, however became a market town after Vikings destroyed nearby Davenport.

In 1451, the River Dane flooded, destroying a number of buildings, the mill and the bridge. The river was diverted and the town could then be built on higher ground.

Interestingly, Congleton was the centre for bear-baiting and cock-fighting in the 1620's. In order to attract more spectators, it became legend that Congleton sold its bible to pay for a new bear.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia, licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.