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Engineered Solutions

When evaluating proposals for a new structure, our staff will often identify conflicts with trees that are scheduled for retention. Where we see potential for these conflicts to be resolved with engineering solutions, we work with our colleagues at Northern Structural Services to design innovative solutions and achieve our client's aims.

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Photograph - reflection of treesTo enable us to provide clients with a comprehensive one-stop-shop for land based consultancy, we have formed close working partnerships with other professionals.

Conflicts between trees and new structures can often be resolved with some lateral thinking and clever design. Bringing together arboricultural knowledge and the skills of the Structural Engineer, we have linked-up with the Cheshire based Northern Structural Services and by developing a clear understanding of each other's roles and processes, we are able to co-ordinate our services to provide you with the very best outcomes.

Established in 1976, Northern Structural Services is a practice registered  with the Institute of Structural Engineers, offering a full range of civil and structural engineering services. Of particular relevance to building in the vicinity of trees is the ability to design reasonable and workable solutions for wall foundations, suspended slab foundations and cantilevered steelwork where traditional construction would result in planning refusals on grounds of unacceptable damage to trees.