Cheshire Woodlands Arboricultural Consultancy

Tempest House, Alderley Edge - Demolition and replacement dwelling with new access

Tempest House site - Topographic surveyCheshire Woodlands' Approach

Cheshire Woodlands provided a fee proposal based on information provided in a full topographic land survey and a detailed layout proposal drawing.

Our proposal was set out in three parts, enabling the client to instruct us to:

  1. carry out a survey and supply a schedule of trees and a tree constraints plan
  2. the initial assessment of the proposal,  provision of a layout appraisal drawing and a preliminary written advice
  3. assess a final application proposal against planning and nature conservation policy and produce a written statement, a tree protection plan and documentation to support a planning application.

Client Instruction

Cheshire Woodlands was instructed to implement the three parts of the fee proposal.