Cheshire Woodlands Arboricultural Consultancy

Tempest House, Alderley Edge - Demolition and replacement dwelling with new access

Tempest House Site - Tree Constraints PlanMethod

Our surveyor visited the property to assess the trees and site conditions, collecting all of the data required to fulfil the project brief and to accord with the guidance set out in British Standard BS5837:2005 ‘Trees in Relation to Construction – Recommendations’.

The survey data were set out in schedule and a digital tree constraints plan was produced to identify potential conflicts between the proposal and trees.

The existing site layout plan formed the base for our tree constraints plan (opposite). For each individual tree surveyed, a root protection area was plotted as a starting point against which the relationship between the propsal and trees could be considered. For trees that were assessed as groups, the root protection area was calculated from the locations and dimensions of key trees in the group.