Cheshire Woodlands Arboricultural Consultancy

Tempest House, Alderley Edge - Demolition and replacement dwelling with new access

Tempest House Site - New driveway sketchProposed New Driveway

During the process of building out the development, the client investigated the possibility of closing the existing site access and constructing a new driveway and a new stone wall on the highway boundary. A sketch proposal (opposite) was produced by the architect as the basis for discussion with the local planning authority.

The locations of both the proposed driveway and wall were adjacent to several mature trees and a successful planning application would need to demonstrate that the installations could be achieved without an adverse effect on the trees.

We revisited the site and assessed ground levels in relation to trees and concluded that both structures could be achieved without a significant adverse impact on adjacent trees, but detailed engineering specifications would be required for submission with a planning application.