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Tree reports and surveys for mortgage purposes

Are you buying trees with a house in their garden?  Cheshire Woodlands provides a low cost 'all risks' report for when your mortgage lender seeks assurance that your property is not at high risk from tree-related damage. 

Trees can substantially enhance the value of property and the most sought after residential areas are invariably well endowed with trees. By causing damage, trees can also have a negative effect on property value and mortgage lenders will often require assurances that their equity will not be exposed to unecessary risk from trees.   

photograph - tree close to buildingWhere trees are present on or adjacent to a property, building surveyors, working on behalf of mortgage lenders and insurers, often require a pre-purchase arboricultural report to enable them to make their evaluation.

Following your enquiry, we will provide you with a detailed fee proposal, tailored to your particular circumstances and setting out clearly and concisely our services and a timescale for completion.

Our consultants will visit site, normally within 48 hours of receipt of your instruction, assess the trees and the site at an appropriate level of detail and gather all of the data needed to produce a comprehensive all-risks report, with the minimum of fuss and at a competitive price.

Our reports are designed to provide your lender/insurer with all the information they need and to provide you with clear, sensible tree management advice.