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Pests and Diseases

We can't provide a panacea, but our careful assessment of your plant health problems will enable us to develop a plan of action and aim for the best possible outcome.

photograph - peach leaf curlWhen you find a fungus fruiting on your specimen tree or perhaps identify decline and defoliation of the trees and shrubs that are key to the landscape setting of your home, the impact can be devastating and could take years to remedy. Whether you are seeking the identification and control of garden pests, or looking for long-term disease management solutions, Cheshire Woodlands will provide you with well considered and balanced advice.

The interactions between trees, shrubs and their environment are many and complex and are subject to ongoing research and investigation.  Plants are colonised by a vast range of fungi, bacteria, viruses and insects, which often relate symbiotically with the host. Relatively infrequently, colonisation has significant adverse consequences for the host plant and the colonizing agent might be considered a pest or disease.

At Cheshire Woodlands, our skill and expertise enables us to separate out the majority of significant pests and diseases at an early stage of investigation.  Where appropriate, field samples are cultured and identified in specialist laboratories.