Cheshire Woodlands Arboricultural Consultancy

Tree Risk Management - Multiple woodland sites at Buxton, Derbyshire

Fee ProposalPhotograph - Go-Ape kiosk

Having been provided with maps of all the Association's sites and following discussions of both their objectives and our suggested approach using the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Method, we provided a detailed fee proposal for the risk assessment of the eight woodland sites that comprise the woodland landholding.

The fee proposal provided for the walkover assessment of the sites to include viewing all trees within falling distance of highways, a railway, residential boundaries, footpaths and other areas of significant landuse. Allowance was made for the more detailed assessment of tree stability if the initial view was insufficient for the surveyor to reach a conclusion.

The proposal set out the service that would be supplied and provided the basis for a contract in the event of an instruction.

Client Instruction

We were instructed by the Civic Association to proceed on the basis of our fee proposal, which formed the basis of our contract.