Cheshire Woodlands Arboricultural Consultancy

Tree Risk Management - Multiple woodland sites at Buxton, Derbyshire

Photograph - Zip wireCheshire Woodlands' Approach (cont'd)

The Risk Based Assessment

Our approach to assessing the risk from falling trees is to take a reasonable and sufficient view of the trees. In some situations, due to very high levels of human access a detailed view of each tree may be appropriate and the stability of trees may be critical. In areas that evidently have low usage, tree stability is of less concern and it is usually inappropriate to allocate valuable resources to the assessment of each and every tree. Ours is a risk based approach where the presence of a defective tree alone is insufficient to trigger remedial action. A significant risk requires the presence of something significant that might be harmed in the event of tree failure.

Competently applied, the risk based approach reduces the need for remedial action, by recognising and conserving the value of the tree asset.

Reasonable and Proportionate Action

In partnership with the client, we can achieve a reasonable outcome where resources are expended on safety only when significant risks are identified. The result is that the Association can manage the risk from falling trees within a reasonable budget and any residual resources from the tree budget can be more appropriately directed towards proactive woodland management.