Cheshire Woodlands Arboricultural Consultancy

Tree Risk Management - Multiple woodland sites at Buxton, Derbyshire

Image - Management scheduleCheshire Woodlands' Outputs

Our outputs included a Tree Risk Assessment Drawing, Risk Assessment Schedule, Management Schedule and a Management Report.

It is our aim to provide our clients with sufficient information to enable reasonable management of their tree resource. We avoid pushing our clients into a corner by specifying timescale for implementation of remedial and other management works, choosing instead to prioritise works in a way that enables the tree manager to work within the budgetary and day-to-day management constraints that only they have knowledge of.

Cheshire Woodlands provides clear guidance on the management of risk from falling trees and seeks to encourage clients to take a proactive approach to the silvicultural management of their tree populations, which will often in itself reduce the risks.

The Flexibility of the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Approach

No matter what size of tree population you manage, or how restricted your budget, we can begin the risk assessment process. Starting with a desktop overview, we can work down into the walkover surveys informed by our initial assessment of tree age and  tree species distribution considered against landuse. We can document your approach to develop a tree management policy that will provide the basis for the management of your trees into the future.

Over time and at reasonable cost, we can build a robust approach to the management of your trees and woodlands based on a sound and defensible policy.