Cheshire Woodlands Arboricultural Consultancy

Tree Risk Management - Housing site in Winsford, Cheshire

Image - Risk Management ScheduleCheshire Woodlands' Approach (cont'd)


Our outputs comprised a schedule of trees, drawing and management schedule with a covering report. A KMZ file supplied with each of our tree risk assessments provides a summary of our survey and risk assessment in a format that can be opened in Google Earth as an interactive overlay on free to view aerial photography.

Management Proposals

Proposed management was prioritised without being unecessarily prescriptive. It is clear to us that the majority of our clients do not want to be dictated to in the allocation of their resources, but instead require guidance to inform their own decision making.

On this site, proposed safety works were of a limited nature and proposals were provided for more general management to maintain the tree population and reduce conflicts with structures.