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Tree Appraisal

Do you require an assessment of tree value to resolve a legal conflict or to settle an insurance claim?  It is essential that tree valuations are robust and defendable and that is where we can help.

photograph - manor house, lake and woodlandWhile most people would acknowledge that trees have value, assigning a precise costing to a particular tree, group of trees or woodland can be difficult because the many and varied benefits conferred by trees cannot easily be quantified.

The key to a robust valuation is in selecting the method best suited to the particular circumstances and there are a number of tree valuation systems available including the 'Helliwell',  Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees (CAVAT) and 'Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers' (CTLA) methods.

Our consultants have the qualifications, skills and experience needed to assess the situation at hand, set out the various options clearly and concisely and deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective way forward. Underpinned by our knowledge of the underlying legal and economic principles, and backed by our consultants’ qualifications, training and expertise, you can be confident that our valuations are sufficiently robust, reliable and defendable to withstand the closest of legal scrutiny.