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Tree Expert Witness services in Glossop

Trees can be sources of conflict, occasionally leading to arbitration or litigation and in our experience, legal cases involving trees are on the increase.

Cheshire Woodlands offers a comprehensive expert witness service, employing qualified and experienced consultants to represent clients’ interests in all aspects of arboriculture, from the initial instruction and case assessment, through to completion.

We have a long history of presenting written and oral evidence to tribunals, hearings, inquiries and in the civil and criminal courts, both as independent and single joint expert witnesses in the following areas:

  • Tree failure risk assessment

  • All aspects of planning

  • Neighbour/boundary disputes

  • Subsidence litigation

  • Tree valuation

  • Tree related personal injury claims 

Our tree experts are fully conversant with the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules and the professional, ethical and procedural duties placed on the expert and we pride ourselves both on the quality of our written proofs and statements and the calibre of our oral evidence.

We place great emphasis on training and continuing professional development and you can be confident that our consultants’ opinions will be informed by current legislative provisions, guidance, research and legal precedents.

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About Glossop

The town of Glossop is within the Borough of High Peak in Derbyshire. It lies on the Glossop Brook, a tributary of the River Etherow, about 15 miles east of Manchester, 24 miles west of Sheffield and 32 miles north of Matlock. Glossop is near Derbyshire's borders with Cheshire, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. It is between 492 and 984 ft above sea level.
Glossop is located 184 miles northwest of London, 15 miles east of the city of Manchester, 24 miles west of Sheffield and 50 miles north of Derby. It is in the foothills of the Pennines, with Bleaklow to the northeast and Kinder Scout to the south. Glossop lies on Glossop Brook, a tributary of the River Etherow, in the Dark Peak.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia, licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.