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Tree Preservation Orders

Whether you are a local authority seeking to review your tree preservation orders or someone affected by a tree preservation order, we can assist you by providing an efficient and cost-effective survey and assessment service.

photograph - trees in foregoundWhen a tree preservation order affects the management of your trees or the use of your land, we can provide the best available advice and where necessary rely upon our long-term relationships with lawyers who specialise in tree protection legislation.

Cheshire Woodlands provides a review service to audit and where necessary resurvey Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). Where service of a TPO affects your land, we can help to protect your interests.

Since the introduction of TPOs in 1947, there have been significant changes in the legislation. Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are advised to keep their TPOs under review.  Our in depth knowledge of the legislation and case law enables us to provide you with the very best advice, whatever your interest in TPOs.  

Land use might have changed since an order was originally made; land might have been developed; trees might have been removed; trees still standing may no longer merit the protection of the TPO; new trees might merit protection; the TPO map might bear little comparison with a modern map.  If you are a landowner, our expertise in the evaluation of TPOs can help you to oppose an inappropriate order or provide well reasoned justifications to remove or prune protected trees. For local authorities having limited budgets with which to manage TPOs, our TPO review service can provide a low-cost solution to out of date orders.