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Tree reports and surveys for mortgage purposes in Glossop

Cheshire Woodlands are a long established team of expert tree consultants and arboriculturists operating across the North West of England. We can provide low-cost tree surveys and tree reports for home buyers in Glossop and throughout Cheshire.

Mortgage companies often ask home buyers to commission a tree survey and expect to receive a tree report before authorising a mortgage. Most mortgage companies will expect the tree report to be produced by a reputable firm of tree consultants and arboriculturists, such as Cheshire Woodlands.

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If you need a tree survey and tree report in the Glossop area, Cheshire Woodlands can help. To find out more about the tree surveys and tree reports that we can provide to support your mortgage application, visit our 'Tree reports for mortgage purposes' page.

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About Glossop

The town of Glossop is within the Borough of High Peak in Derbyshire. It lies on the Glossop Brook, a tributary of the River Etherow, about 15 miles east of Manchester, 24 miles west of Sheffield and 32 miles north of Matlock. Glossop is near Derbyshire's borders with Cheshire, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. It is between 492 and 984 ft above sea level.

Glossop is located 184 miles northwest of London, 15 miles east of the city of Manchester, 24 miles west of Sheffield and 50 miles north of Derby. It is in the foothills of the Pennines, with Bleaklow to the northeast and Kinder Scout to the south. Glossop lies on Glossop Brook, a tributary of the River Etherow, in the Dark Peak.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia, licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.