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Managing risk from falling trees

Are you a tree owner concerned with your duty of care? We can make it a considerably less onerous process than you might think and will help discharge your legal duty at a reasonable cost.

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photograph - crushed carWhether a tree owner large or small, or an agent seeking to discharge your client's duty of care , come and talk to us. Cheshire Woodlands can guide your reasonable and proportionate management of risks from falling trees without burdening you with excessive and unecessary costs for tree work.

The risk from falling trees is generally very low, but when they become degraded, trees adjacent to people and property can cause harm and some degree of monitoring is required. In an attempt to satisfy what may be perceived as an onerous legal duty of care, tree owners are often driven by the risk-mongers to implement unreasonable and disproportionate levels of tree safety management, but in reality, the tree owner needs to demonstrate only that they have acted reasonably in their management of tree safety.

Tree risk management should not focus solely on risk minimisation, but should balance the benefits of risk reduction with the associated costs relative to both lost tree value and any financial resources required to reduce the risk further. Cheshire Woodlands can assist in developing both your policy for tree risk management and a strategy for its implementation.

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