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Veteran Tree Management

Veteran trees might be the product of centuries of management or often the result of damage and neglect. To carry their benefits forward often requires careful balanced management of the tree and the many species they sustain. 

Photograph - veteran oak treeCheshire Woodlands can provide an assessment of your veteran tree population and work with you to formulate and monitor ongoing management of this precious resource. The management of veteran trees and the associated ecology of fungi, invertebrates, lichens, birds, bats and mammals can be difficult when faced with the hazards associated with declining tree populations.  

Over the past decade, the profile of old trees has been raised by a small multidisciplinary group of professionals and enthusiasts, who in the early 1990’s formed the ‘Ancient Tree Forum’. A founder member, our Principal Consultant Mike Ellison has extensive experience in the management of veteran trees, maintaining close links and working with professionals from the ecological disciplines and with managers of large old tree populations.

Cheshire Woodlands provides GPS mapping and veteran tree surveys using the Natural England ‘Specialist Survey’ method for veteran trees.