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Come to Cheshire Woodlands for your management plan and make the difference with timely, low-cost management interventions in Northwich to assure the long-term value and continuity of your tree or woodland asset.

Whether you require a management plan, timber valuation, ecological management, disabled access or cycle tracks, Cheshire Woodlands can provide the expertise.

In recent years, a combination of factors has produced a shift in emphasis in woodland management from timber production to a multi-benefit approach with an increased awareness of wildlife conservation, public access and leisure provision.

Take a look at our 'Tree Risk Management' section to see how Quantified Tree Risk Assessment can help you to manage public access and nature conservation while at the same time discharging your duty of care for safety in your woodlands.

About Northwich

Northwich lies in the heart of the Cheshire Plain and about 18 miles east of Chester. Northwich's surrounding areas have been exploited for its salt pans since Roman times. The town has been severely affected by salt mining with subsidence historically being a large problem. However, recent investment in mine stabilisation is set to change the town with the 'Northwich Vision' being a plan for future development work.

In 1975, derelict land was claimd which forms todays' Marbury Country Park. It is a popular recreational area. In 1987 more land was reclaimed to form Furey Wood and over later years, Cheshire County Council's Land Regeneration Unit reclaimed what is now known as Anderton Nature Park.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia, licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.